Welcome back everybody: I got a new camera, I have some new goals to smash and got a new mission to share!

So far you’ve seen my videos about my weightloss transformation, how I use intermittent fasting but also me going to the gym, doing a chest and shoulder workout. In this video I’ll explain how from now on my videos will be more VLOG style.
I’ll be vlogging my way through the week and show you my ups and downs and how I will eventually achieve my best physique naturally.
Stay tuned cause I will share tips & tricks, advice, motivation and besides that a lot of fun on my way achieving my goals!

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My 30kg/66lbs transformation:

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I will soon upload more about how I exercise,
for example squat, deadlift and benchpress and how I’ve also used Keto diet for losing weight.
I’m not a personal trainer but have enough knowledge and motivation to share!

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