Problems starting but lost 3kg/6,6lbs in week 1 & 2. Greece is only one month away!

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I will release 5 videos this week that show why I gained weight, got fat but also how I managed to lose it again!
After my last transformation (video link below) I messed up my diet.. I finally had the summer body that I wanted but I think I’ve been strict for too long so I messed it up. I kept binge eating, having cravings for sugar and junkfood and showed signs of yo-yo effect.
Have a look at my first and second week of trying to get back in shape in this video.
Tomorrow 12:00 dropping a new one!

I will soon upload more about how I exercise,
for example squat, deadlift and benchpress and how I also use Keto diet for losing weight. I’m not a personal trainer but have enough knowledge and motivation to share!

My 30kg/66lbs transformation:

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