BEGINNER LEG WORKOUT | Grow Your Glutes, Quads, and Hamstrings | Using Basic Gym Equipment!

Hey everyone! In this video, I will be showing you one of my favorite beginner-friendly leg day workouts!

The full workout is written down below & make sure to take a screenshot of the diagram at the beginning of the video that gives you all of the exercises along with the number of reps and sets for each.

TIP: Always remember to make sure that you are using a weight that is challenging but not too heavy to the point where you cant do proper form and feel pain. Challenging yourself helps your muscles to grow and become stronger, if you don’t feel tired by the end of the set you should go a little heavier!



– Hip abduction machine 3 x 15
– Hip adduction machine 3 x15
– Weighted standing leg raise 3 x 15
– Dumbbell elevated goblet squat 3 x 15
– Dumbbell RDL 3 x 15
– Dumbbell lunges 3 x 15
– Bodyweight squats 3 x 20


Do each for 30 seconds!

– Standing forward bend
– Pigeon pose
-Sitting forward bend

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