Planet Fitness Back/Chest Workout | Beginner Friendly

Hey everyone! Here is my favorite back and chest workout routine, you can do these at any gym! Planet fitness has a wide variety of machines perfect for beginners. Thanks for watching and I hope you give this workout a try!

– Machine Flye 3 x 20
– Machine Row 3 x 20
– Seated Rowe 3 x 20
– Lat – Pull Down 3 x 20
– Front Shoulder Raise 3 x 20
– Dumbbell Rear Delt Fly 3 x 20
– Hyperextensions 3 x 20
– Chest Press 3 x 20
– One Arm Rowe 3 x 20
– Dumbbell Chest Press 3 x 20

I am now 3 months into training consistently and these workouts have helped me see major results with strength and building lean defined muscle! I am not a personal trainer but I have been working with one for the past 3 months @ironpridegym and I strongly suggest that everyone goes and gets a personal trainer because nothing is more helpful and useful than that! I have learned so much from my fitness journey and want to use my channel to share it with you and great fitness tips!

I am planning on becoming a personal trainer because it has always been a passion and dream of mine, I truly love to help others and to help with feeling their most confident selves 🙂

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