How to wake up early for the gym – 10 tips to help you have a better morning routine!

10 Tips to wake up early and go to the gym!

1. Have your clothes ready the night before. Pack your gym bag and be ready! Make sure all you gear is washed and choose your best outfit that makes you feel good!
2. Go to bed early! No secret sauce here, if you’re waking up at 5-6, make sure you’re in bed for 2130 – 2200. Your body needs to time to recover and rest, if you’re hitting the gym everyday, make sure your hitting your rest & recovery just as hard. Keep your phone downstairs and eliminate any level of distractions in the sleeping area. Black out blinds are also great for this.
3. Set 2 alarms, one in the other room where your gym kit is, the other on your phone which should be downstairs. Set this one for 5 minutes later so you have to go downstairs to turn it off.
4. Label your alarms with motivational quotes or whatever route will make you go to the gym!
5. When you’re downstairs, drink a pint of water, make a coffee and eat a banana for energy. This should get the internal organs kick started and the body ready for action.
6. Try, try and try again. Accept you will fail and move on with life, the important thing here is that you keep trying, even if you fail 1000 times, as long as you try again the next day, that’s the only part that matters, stay deterred, don’t give up.
7. Listen to some music, if there are other to consider in the house, use headphones. Switch on your radio or MP3 player and listen to the song that motivates you the most. Mine’s Tina Turner, Simply The Best!
8. Take a break from morning sessions. We’re not superhuman, the body gets tired, every 10 days, take 3 days off from the morning session and do the evening. The routine has to be sustainable, so make it sustainable.
9. Find a system that works for you, group exercise, going solo, joining a club, hire a Personal Trainer. Find a system that works for you and that is sustainable
10. Make sure the heating is turned on. Nothing worse than waking up in the winter and it be freezing cold! If you’re up at 5, then turn the heating on for 4.15.

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