The Basics of the Heart & Blood Flow in Under 10 Minutes

Need help learning the basics of the heart? In this video, we cover the basic components and understanding of the heart, as well as, looking at the blood flow all in under 10 minutes. My hope is that these videos will help students out there for their intro level exercise science courses.

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The Heart Basics Timestamps:
0:00 – Intro
0:06 – What Does the Heart Do?
0:14 – What Are the 3 Circulatory Elements?
0:27 – What Are the Chambers and Valves of the Heart?
1:35 – Tip to Remember Tricuspid vs Bicuspid Valve Location
3:42 – Cardiac Muscle & Fiber Type
5:10 – Function of Intercalated Disks, Desmosomes & Gap Junctions
5:41 – Blood Flow Through the Heart
7:54 – Other Important Heart Components

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