What is Ramadan to me? | Bench PR + Update of the past month

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been busy with working and then Ramadan. Ramadan and Eid just ended a few days ago, and I made this video before then but never got to posting it. I hit a recent bench PR and joined the 200lb bench club so I’m super happy I didn’t lose any strength during this fasting month! Also I am planning to make some changes and updates so be sure to check out the next videos. So hope you guys enjoy!
– MH FitLife

Ramadan is a time Muslims refrain from eat and drinking but it is so much more than just that. Everyone living in out fast paced modern world is trying to get their own lives together. There is so much corruption and greed. People are always wanting better or more things and are never really thankful for the things we have. It is great to stride for better materialistic objects but appreciate the things you already have in life as well. Let’s face it, there are less fortunate people out there tat live with things we are accustomed to having in our lives. This time of fasting makes us appreciate and give thanks while also giving to the less fortunate. Experiencing how it feels to be without water and food makes us find a great deal of empathy for others. This month shows self control, not letting one’s desires take control of one’s self. Obviously it is also a time of worship and prayers to atone for one’s sins. Just like a detox, this is a time to cleanse the mind and body!

I am planning on doing some more graphic design work on my intro and logo so that’ll be prettty cool. I changed all my handles and usernames to mhfitlife except snapchat so heads up.

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