First Day Back at The Gym After Quarantine! (Leg and Glute day)


So today is my first day back at the gym after quarantine! This does not include my actual first day where I kind of hurt my back because I rushed into things due to the one hour cap for workouts.

Which brings me to this video, YES, it’s a shorter workout, I am still working on using the hour I have to my full advantage and would love to film a work-out packed video in the near future.
I discuss tips on how to ease back into the gym after quarantine/a long break, and take you through my work out to demonstrate what I did on my first leg day back.

Needless to say, I took it easy in order to focus on my form during this leg day and integrate the weight I was working with before quarantine over time. Nonetheless, I am very happy to be back!

Returning to the gym can be both exciting and scary, let me know in the comments how your first day back in the gym post quarantine went!

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