| 10,000 Calorie Challenge | Epic weight gain |

It’s been a while since I was planning this video, but I was a little bit afraid of ruinning my diet. After some planning, I have decided to accept this challenge! It was really hard to workout after eating 3100 calories in the morning, but I focused on not throwing up and it worked!

I am sorry for the bad quality of the video and sound, but I do not have a camera at the moment!

I really enjoyed it and I think about more challenges in the future!

This is a video that shows what I’m buying to gain muscles and stay lean! Also, as a bonus, you’ll see how I’ve killed my legs workout!

Stay tunned for more interesting videos! I have a lot of new ideas that are going to be released in the next weeks!

Let’s grow together!

Here’s my e-mail for any question regarding training or nutrition: [email protected]

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