| They don’t allow me | Bulking Series Ep. 7 |

!IMPORTANT! If you are having troubles watching this video (Video is Unavaliable or osmething like that) is because you’re on a Mobile Phone or Tablet. In this case, try to watch it from the YouTube application instead of the browser, or from the browser, go to Desktop Mode.

I really wanted to bring you guys a 4k resolution video and I’ve been struggling 9 hours last night. Unfortunatelly, I came across with some export issues and I could not make it happen. However, the new episode from Bulking Series is here and is longer that you expected I guess!

I need some feedback for this longer vlog! I can either post a long one every week, having different topics or just a day in life as this one, or I can make two shorter videos up to twice a week! What do you guys think?

If you need help making a nutrition plan or just want to ask for advice, don’t hesitate to e-mail me at [email protected]

♫Music was provided by Lil Wayne♫


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Lil Wayne and Ft. Cory Gunz

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