Build Muscle Fast (Backed by Science)

In this video not only I discuss the most effective mechanisms to build up muscle mass but the importance that the hypertrophy has when it comes to increasing your performance in whatever sport/activity you do.

I titled the video this way not because I can offer a shortcut to building muscle, it’s still a slow process if you decide to stay away from anabolic drugs (which I recommend you do), but being aware of the most effective mechanisms will make you build muscle at the highiest rate possible.

0:06 – What is hypertrophy and how it relates to increases in performance
1:10 – 1st mechanism: Mechanical Tension (Progressive Overload)
2:01 – 2nd mechanism: Metabolic Stress (Volume & “Pump”)
3:00 – 3rd mechanism: Muscular Damage (Ex. variation & eccentric training)
4:15 – Practical Applications for Muscle Growth

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