How to Build Your Whole Back with the Deadlift | Complete Back Training!

How to Build Your Whole Back with the Deadlift | Complete Back Training!

The back is a very complex area comprised of multiple muscles and therefore has the ability to contribute tremendously to your overall strength, size and aesthetics.

The bigger muscle groups on your back can be divided into 3 areas:

? LATS: This are huge back muscles that contribute to width and thickness of the back, and they perform shoulder adduction and shoulder extension (arm closer and backwards).

? TRAPS: Another big back muscle that makes up the central part of your back and works on scapular movements: elevation (shrug), retraction, and depression.

? SPINAL ERECTORS: This are a group of muscles that act on spinal extension and are a very important stabilizer for your core and key for a healthy low back.

Is not necessary to work all of this muscles in the same day nor is necessary to isolate them to get them stronger. Compound movements that integrate your whole body and allow for a lot of weight to be lifted are gonna work great.

Here are some of the movements patters to perform to build a complete back:

✅ Vertical Pulling: Pull Ups are the best one to have a functional, strong and aesthetic back. Variations of Lat Pulldowns are gonna work this pattern aswell.

✅ Horizontal Pulling: Here we’ll find any kind of Row variation. I suggest heavy barbell rows or hard progressions of bodyweight rows. Cable and dumbell rows will fit the bill just fine

✅ Pulling off the floor: If you where to choose ONLY ONE movement for your back development, THIS WOULD BE IT: DEADLIFTS, block pulls, cleans, power cleans, and variations of this are gonna work your Spinal Erectors, Lats and Traps in one movement that is gonna build power and strength aswell as a lot of muscle mass as a concequence of the heavy weight you’re able to handle. Its also great if you’re an athlete looking to enhance athletic performance

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