How To Fix Rounded Shoulders | Improve your Posture

Rounded shoulders are a common issue nowadays and it’s something that not only “looks ugly”, but it also affects performance and can cause pain and injuries in the long term.

There are 3 aspects that influence this hyper kyphotic posture:

– Strength: Muscles that hold our shoulders in it’s proper access of rotation like the rear deltoids, scapula adductors and external shoulder rotators are typically weak, son training this muscles will enhace your posture

– Mobility: The pec major, pec minor, front deltoid, internal shoulder rotators are some of the muscles that are usually tight and overtrained in this individuals, and this is caused by excessive pressing movements and lack of mobilization of the thoracic spine region, aswell of lack of stretching in this muscles.

– Habits: Nowadays we spent a lot of time driving, texting, being at the desk, and even working out with poor form and all of this things are engrained onto our Nervous System and are reinforced patterns that we practice everyday. Involving a concious mindset into this activities will positively impact our posture for sure

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