How to Increase your Strength

INTRAmuscular and INTERmuscular are switched in the video, so I exchange the explanations for each one, but as far as you know it, it’s ok.
Besides this small issue, this video explicitly talks about how to increase your strength in it’s three components that will allow you to understant this very easily and be able to program for yourself much better.

Moreover, I explain what is the key to become overall stronger in every movement even if you haven’t perform it before.

1:25 1st Component: INTRAmuscular coordination (said it wrong in the video, intra and inter are switched)
2:29 2nd Component: INTERmuscular coordination
2:58 3rd Component: Muscle Size
3:44 Practical Applications
6:00 Why Basic Movement Patters will get you strong overall?

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