How To Make Your Own Program


Periodization is just organizing ? the variables of training (Intensity, Volume and Frequency) in a specific way based around scientific research and focused on your end goal, to get the best ? out of your training and optimize results.
This ain’t simple and it takes some time to learn how to properly program a training routine, but here are some guidelines if you wanna give a better structure to your routine:
Every training program should have a set GOAL?, then we can decide how to manage the rest of the phases:

✅ BUILD A BASE: At the start of your program, you’ll need to build a solid foundation. This means building muscle, work capacity, endurance and all that will serve you as a base to get into harder stuff that are more centered towards your end goal.
Here volume will be higher, lot’s of accesory movements will be utilized to bring up lagging areas and more exercise variation will be employed

✅ SPECIALIZE: Here we’ll slowly start cutting down the least specific movements and focus slightly more on the big movements that you’ll be aiming to get better at the end of the program. This would imply an increased intensity, lower volume, less fluff/accesory work, and practicing more the main movements

✅ SPECIFIC: Now it’s the final stage where you focus all of your energy into the goal you’re trying to achieve, this means cutting off anything that isn’t specifically related to your end goal. Here we tend to peak in intensity, therefore volume is reduced. Zero o very few accesory movements are gonna be utilized and it’s all about the main movements.

This is a general guideline for anyone looking to improve their general strength and muscle mass, get better at a given sport like Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting ?️‍♂️ or Strongman or any field sport ⚽

Then there are a lot of different periodization methods you can utilize, like Linear Periodization, where you increase a given variable (intensity or volume) constantly throughout the weeks, Daily Undulating Perioidzation where you employ undulations in rep schemes throughout the week, Block Periodization where different blocks with different goals are set into a program, and more, but this is a topic for another video…

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