IIFYM Explained | Eat Whatever You Want to Get The Best Results?

In this video you’ll be learning what is IIFYM and if it’s really necessary to “eat clean” in order to improve your performance and lose fat or build muscle.

As always, I’ll be giving practical applications for you to be able to take this info and improve your nutrition and further enjoy your fitness journey!

0:34 Eating clean for weight loss or gain?
1:12 Fats make you fat?
1:47 Figure out your own calories
3:38 How to split your protein, carbs and fats?
4:16 Why high carb?
4:54 Junk food will make you fat? No…
5:58 Should I eat all my calories worth of junk if that won’t make me fat?
6:47 So… how should your diet look like?

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