Quick Ab Workout | Bodyweight Only!

Having a strong stable core is fundamental for a healthy posture, energy transfer for sports or big compound movements and a pain free spine, shoulders and even hips.

Ab training can often be boring because of the lack of variation. Crunches won’t be your best bet as most people think, due to it’s lack of integration between your upper and lower body (that’s the main job of your abs) and it has been shown to cause chances of disc herniation which is not very nice.

If you’re looking for that summer ab shred, this workout would be spot on for you as long as you take into account your nutrition for that bodyfat % to be in check.

1:28 Go straight to the routine!

Hanging Leg Raises 8-12 reps
Knee Raises on Dip Bars 12-15 reps
Side Plank 10-15 seconds each
Plank 30-45 seconds


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