STOP TRAINING HEAVY! Why it’s better for your gains

There’s the common missconception in the fitness industry that if you’re not hitting failure on every set you’re not training hard enough to cause an adaptation and progress in your training, when it fact, this is very counterproductive to your results

Training to failure constantly will result in poor form being employed time and time again and this is going to be what you teach to your CNS as the “proper movement”, with a very slow speed of excecution and probably sub optimal technique.

The overall volume that you can handle will also decrease by training to failure, since you’ll be causing a large amount of fatigue to your CNS, impeding the recovery for your following sets, exercises, and training days. Hormones like Cortisol will also percieve a huge increase from this and will prevent you from performing optimally.

Also, when it comes to your injury risks, training to failure will significantly increase your chances of getting hurt, due to form breakdown where passive structures (tendons, ligaments, bones, joint capsules) take more stress than what they are supposed to handle, and also due to overuse of multiple areas in the body due to constant fatigue.

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