Ponds forge international sports centre closure straight from the heart

My honest view of the Ponds forge sports centre closure . Last few days we have found out it won’t be reopening here I give my honest view straight from my heart. Our campaign is focused around getting ponds forge open for the clubs. (The rest of the general public has been relocated to the other centres that have been open so the way forward is to pay to open it privately just to the Clubs that run out of it.

7 clubs are based in ponds forge as their home training ground. 1 diving, 1 waterpolo and 4 swimming. (1500 members in total)

The other sports (swimming/waterpolo) can obviously do their sport elsewhere so the council will not open based on their campaigns which is why diving is so important.

They are the only diving club in South Yorkshire. They are home to 400 members who come in the door to dive in some capacity every single week and have 22 members of staff.

They have been in ponds forge since it first ever opened in 1991.

They are the most successful club in the country for the last 4 years. Our club has had at least 1 Olympian at every single Olympic Games for the last three decades. And we have members that are aiming for the Olympic


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