Fix your squat with these techniques.

Which category does your squat technique fall in?

Following video demonstrates common squat deviations and some of the corrective  strategies.

00:00 – Hip Dominance:
If you have hip dominance tendency or you tend to loose balance and fall behind, it means you are excessively putting weight on the back of the foot, try and balance the weight equally throughtout the foot by shifting some weight on your forefoot.

Follow these 3 pro tip shown in the video

00:23 – Knee Dominance:
If you are knee dominant, it means you are excessivley putting weight on your forefoot, try and distribute weight equally throughout ghe foot.
Try placing box behind as a cue for hip movement

3. If you flare your ribs out and excessively arch your back, you might try squatting with ribs tucked in

00:43 – Knees Caving In:
If your knees cave in excessively, try pushing your knees out and keep your hips, knees and ankles aligned.

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