Closed Gym 6 Pack Abs in 2020 (You Don’t Need a Gym!)

In this video I go through a killer six pack ab workout that you’re guaranteed to feel working every part of your core! (Full workout details below!)

This workout is specifically designed to hit your Upper Abs, Lower Abs and Obliques. This is a complete core workout that you can do at home with no weights, bands or special equipment.

It’s suitable for all ability levels and WORKS! This will get you one step closer to your after photo six pack physique.

Follow along with the video or take control of the workout yourself. Tailor the workout to you ability level using the plan below.

Heels to the Heavens- 8-12 reps/ 3-5 sets
Windshield Wipers- 8-12 reps/ 3-5 sets
In & Outs- 8-12 reps/ 3-5 sets
X Men- 8-12 reps/ 3-5 sets
Cross Crunches- 8-12 reps/ 3-5 sets
Twist Sit-ups- 8-12 reps/ 3-5 sets
Thread the Needle- 8-12 reps/ 3-5 sets

BEGINNER: Follow along with the video, aim for at least 8 reps per exercise & stick to the video rest times of 10 seconds between sets.
INTERMEDIATE: Aim for 8-12 reps per exercise. Aim for 3-5 sets & take a 30 second rest between sets.
ADVANCED: 12 reps per exercise. 5 sets. 10 second rest between sets.
SIX PACK GOD: 15 reps per exercise. 5 sets. NO REST.

Tailor this workout for your needs! Make it easier by decreasing the reps/ sets and increasing the rest time. Make it harder by increasing the reps/ sets and decreasing the rest time.

Apply progressive overload by increasing the reps/ sets over time as your core gets stronger and you get closer to your after photo abs!

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