High Protein Easy Flexible Lunch Option (Hit Your Macros!)

Completely flexible lunch option for losing weight AND gaining muscle. No cooking, no microwave, no lengthy prep. Tailor this meal to fit your macros and use it as a quick lunch on the daily!

I tailored the wrap in this video to fit my macronutrient goals. I’ve used Turkey as my main protein source, Cheese and Cashew Nuts for my fats and a plain Wrap as my carb source.

Quick, easy, macro orientated meal for one. Make it at home, in work or prep it for school/ college (When we eventually get back!)

Get creative! Use the children’s wraps for less carbs. Use different lean protein sources instead of turkey, like chicken. Mix and match with adding whatever green veg takes your fancy. If it fits your macros, this can be the lunch for you!

Turkey is THE BEST lean protein source out there. Work some turkey into at least one meal a day and you won’t need to rely as heavily on protein supplementation!
Cashew Nuts are an awesome snack and make a perfect addition to any meal. Throw them into your wraps or stir fries or just snack on them on the go. They provide a huge amount of natural fats, and protein for added satiation when cutting!

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