How to get Lower Abs in Lockdown 2020 (Quick Workout)

Now is the time to focus on your lower abs. No one wants a four pack… put in the work during this lockdown and upgrade from four to six! (Full workout details below!)

Do you struggle to see your lower abs? Can you not get rid of that last bit of stubborn belly fat? Then this quick lower ab workout is perfect for you.

The secret to lower ab workouts is to use “bottom up” movements. So when you’re using your core to move your legs up rather than doing sit ups or crunches, you’re targeting your lower abs! This exercise will help lose belly fat, target your lower abs and you can do it every day, at home, with no equipment needed.

I recommend doing this at least 6 times a week, with a rest day to be taken when you feel you need it most.

As with all the Workout Wednesday videos, it is fully customisable to your ability level. If you’re a beginner, follow along with me in the video or if you want to tailor it to further challenge you, use the plan below.

Leg Raises- 30 seconds/ 3-5 sets
Alternating Leg Kicks- 30 seconds/ 3-5 sets
Heels to the Heavens- 30 seconds/ 3-5 sets
In & Outs- 20 seconds/ 3-5 sets
6 Inch Holds- 10 seconds/ 3-5 sets

BEGINNER: Follow along with the video, aim for the time target on screen & stick to the video rest times of 10 seconds between sets.
INTERMEDIATE: 30- 40 seconds per exercise. Aim for 3-5 sets & take a 30 second rest between sets.
ADVANCED: 60 seconds per exercise. 4-5 sets. 10 second rest between sets.
8 PACK GOD: 60 seconds per exercise. 5 sets. NO REST.

Tailor this workout for your needs! Make it easier by decreasing the time/ sets and increasing the rest time. Make it harder by increasing the time/ sets and decreasing the rest time.

Apply progressive overload by increasing the time/ sets over time as you get stronger and you get closer to your after photo physique!

Make sure to like & comment if you tried this workout. Let me know how you got on!

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