Irish Grocery Haul to Lose Weight in 2020

This video looks at the top 5 foods that I pick up every single weight to lose weight.

In order to hit my targets, I need to know what to eat to lose weight, what to eat to gain muscle and what to eat to lose fat. All these goals simply boil down to calories and macros. Every week, when I do my shopping, I have my calorie deficit target in mind and pick up foods that will allow me to consistently hit my targets.

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Reusable fabric masks-

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I can’t stress enough the importance of wearing masks in public at the moment to help stop the spread of COVID-19. It may seem strange now but it is quickly becoming the new normal, and I believe masks will be needed when gyms reopen. I know one thing, if the only thing that’s standing between me and my gym is wearing a mask, I’ll be wearing a mask!

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There’s a whole world of diet information out there and I know when I started out it was easy to get confused and waste time tracking incorrectly.

That is why I’ve created the “Complete Guide to Tracking Calories & Macros” Playlist:

The videos in this playlist will guide you through calculating your T.D.E.E & setting up MyFitnessPal, the right way, to allow you to achieve your fitness goals- whether that’s losing fat or building muscle!

When you know your T.D.E.E and have MyFitnessPal set up correctly, you’ll have taken a huge step towards your after photo physique goals!

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