It All Starts Here… (CHAPTER 1 VLOG 1)

Welcome to the very first vlog! This feels like a big deal, and I hope that looking back at this in the years to come, it will be a big deal.

This is the very first vlog- Chapter 1, Vlog 1. Ground Zero. The Beginning. Hopefully, it will give you an idea of who I am, what I’m about, why I’ve started YouTube, and more importantly how this channel can add value to your life in the coming years.

My fitness transformation journey will be a long one. Unlike other YouTube channels who look back at the end and try to tell you what they did, I’m starting now. I want to bring you along on my journey, rather than look back and tell you what I did. I want to show you the reality and the honesty of a transformation journey. You’ll see my ups, downs, mistakes and triumphs over the course of these vlogs and hopefully my journey can help you to start your own fitness journey!

I will of course try to upload my usual three videos per week- Mindset on the Move, Workout Wednesday & Food Friday- but as the world drifts back towards a new normal, I hope that his channel will grow towards a more all-encompassing lifestyle fitness vlog style, over time. For now, these vlogs will be sporadic and surplus to the usual three uploads- BONUS VIDEOS.

The most important part of this channel is YOU, the viewer. Without you, none of this would have meaning. So please, please subscribe, like, comment, interact with the content. If you enjoy the videos let me know. If you learn something let me know. If you have questions or hate my stupid face… let me know in the comments.

This YouTube adventure is going to be a long one. I truly hope that in a few years time some of you who started following me today can look back on Chapter 1 with me and laugh about how far we’ve come.

If you’re thinking about starting a journey of your own, be it YouTube, Fitness, Education, Self-Improvement, Anything, now is the best time to start. So start now. Start with me. And let’s see where we end up!

Make sure to LIKE the video if you find it helpful, and let me know in the COMMENTS what journey you’re going to start this year!


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