Make Your Own Workout Plan at Home (Complete Example Given)

This video shows you how to make your own at home workout plan! Have you ever wanted to start a new workout plan but wasn’t sure where to start? Do you want to make your own plans rather than relying on other people?

Say no more. In this video I go through my top four tips for creating your own workout program as well as going through my very own new program- which you can use for free. Yes, that is nice of me. You can thank me by SUBSCRIBING!

If you like the look of my example, then you can of course use it yourself. Or you can take what you learn in this video to make your own training program. That’s the beauty of YouTube- take what you learn from various videos and combine it yourself.

Either way, whether you use my workout program, or create your own workout plan, put it up on Instagram and tag me- @steveoshea_sos. I’ll have a look!

Make sure to LIKE the video if you find it helpful, and let me know in the COMMENTS if you try this workout plan or make your own!

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*Yes I know it’s not Wednesday. Yes I tried to have it done in time for Training Thursday. Yes I failed miserably…. But it’s up now!

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There’s a whole world of diet information out there and I know when I started out it was easy to get confused and waste time tracking incorrectly.

That is why I’ve created the “Complete Guide to Tracking Calories & Macros” Playlist:

The videos in this playlist will guide you through calculating your T.D.E.E & setting up MyFitnessPal, the right way, to allow you to achieve your fitness goals- whether that’s losing fat or building muscle!

When you know your T.D.E.E and have MyFitnessPal set up correctly, you’ll have taken a huge step towards your after photo physique goals!

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