Quarantine Leg Day 2020 (No Equipment Needed)

In this week’s Workout Wednesday we’ll be tackling a calorie destroying leg day. (Full workout details below!)

In this weeks at home, no equipment needed workout I’ll be working through six great leg exercises which you can do during your quarantine leg days.

Just like last week’s core workout, this workout is fully customisable to your ability level. Follow along with the video or take control of the workout yourself using the plan below.

High Knees- 30-60 seconds/ 3-5 sets
Squat, Jump, Squat- 30-60 seconds/ 3-5 sets
Jumping Lunges- 20-40 seconds/ 3-5 sets
Single Leg Wall Sit- 30 seconds per leg/ 3-5 sets
Low Duck Walk- 20-40 seconds/ 3-5 sets
Single Leg Calf Raises- 30-60 seconds/ 3-5 sets

BEGINNER: Follow along with the video, aim for at least 20/30 seconds per exercise & stick to the video rest times of 10 seconds between sets.
INTERMEDIATE: Aim for 40 seconds in most of the exercises. Aim for 3-5 sets & take a 30 second rest between sets.
ADVANCED: 60 seconds per exercise. 5 sets. 10 second rest between sets.
LEG GOD: At least 60 seconds per exercise. 5 sets. NO REST.

Tailor this workout for your needs! Make it easier by decreasing the time/ sets and increasing the rest time. Make it harder by increasing the time/ sets and decreasing the rest time.

Apply progressive overload by increasing the time/ sets over time as your legs get stronger and you get closer to your after photo legs!

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