10 min Crossfit Workout without Equipment // Crossfit for Beginners

This full body crossfit workout can be done anytime, anywhere by anyone. You don’t need gym equipment or weights, it’s all bodyweight exercises!

The workout targets the muscles of your whole body and you’ll get a sweat on. The warm up consists of 4 exercises, the workout consists of 10 different bodyweight exercises & the core finishers is 4 exercises.

All these exercises are good foundation movements for the more complex crossfit movements, so by perfecting these it will help you when you come to do kipping pull ups, thrusters or bar muscle ups etc.

During the 40 seconds, try to get as many repetitions as possible. Rest for 20 seconds before you follow with the next exercises. If you need to pause longer, feel free to do so.

10 Minute Crossfit Workout Without Equipment:

Warm Up (3 rounds)

10 push ups
20 air squats
10 inch worms
20 second squat hold

Workout out (40 second work, 20 second rest)
– Hand release push ups
– Strict sit ups
– Good mornings
– Plank rotations
– Mountain climbers
– High knees
– Close grip push-ups
– Jump squats
– Burpees
– Jumping lunges

Core finisher (20 second work, 10 second rest)

– Russian twists
– Flutter kicks
– Leg raises
– Bicycle kicks

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