Aesthetics on Omegle: Girls react to Shredded Fitness Model on Omegle (2021)

Whilst I was on prep for my first ever fitness model competition I thought I would jump on Omegle in 2021 and see if I could take on Connor Murphy in an Aesthetics on Omegle video and get some reactions from random people around the world who were on Omegle at the same time as me!

I did this purely for some funny reactions as my physique was around 6 – 7% body fat. It’s not a sustainable physique so I thought whilst I was this lean I would see what people thought to it!

let me know what other videos you’d like to see on my channel

p.s don’t take life too seriously

p.p.s new videos every single week 🤘🏼

insta: @tomseedfitness (

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