BOMB – the best pre workout on the market

i’m very excited to have officially launched this pre workout supplement by stealth nutrition called BOMB. it has all the effects a good pre workout needs. link:

high stim for explosive energy
high focus and buzz, you should expect a slight tingle
high pump โ€“ loaded with arginine akg and citrulline malate

patented ingredients, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours

itโ€™s just gone live on the website: the first 100 orders that use my code TOM20 will not only get a 20% discount but also a free Stealth Nutrition shaker with your pre

order online:
discount code: TOM20

p.s new videos every single week ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿผ

insta: @tomseedfitness (


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