here is my first Q & A on my channel answering all questions about whey myprotein dropped me, my biggest regret and my body count

Questions (in order) listed below:

Q1: have you been to Australia?
Q2: cheesy wotsits for fingers or spaghetti for hair?
Q3: how do you stick to your diet?
Q4: where do you get your jewellery from?
Q5: I’m on the keto diet, do you think it will work?
Q6: are you still working with Myprotein?
Q7: what workout do you do for fat burning?
Q8: would you compete again?
Q9: when will your pre workout be available in the US?
Q10: best decision I’ve made? biggest regret?
Q11: have you ever shit yourself when trying to fart?
Q12: you have trained with both Dan Tai and Zac Aynsley. who works out harder?
Q13: bodybuilding or crossfit?
Q14: your favourite outfit?
Q15: most embarrassing moment at the gym?
Q16: if you were stranded on an island, what 3 things would you have?
Q17: what is your biggest insecurity?
Q18: what is your body count?
Q19: do you get more attention from men or women online?
Q20: would you recommend crossfit over bodybuilding to get your physique?

p.s new videos every single week ūü§ėūüŹľ

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