TRu Fitness (Gym Vlog) – random workouts in the gym after new years

New years Workout 2021

There are some days were you’r just going to feel great in the gym. I use those types of days to work on different muscle groups by using random workouts. So take this workout video as a gym vlog/informational showing you guys what machines can be used. Hoping to maybe introduce you guys to some new workouts that you may not be doing.

If you’r a beginner just getting into the gym i applaud you. Welcome to the new years lets build a better you! #newyearsworkout2021

🎥 Resistance band workout
🎥 HIIT Workout

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Like i said these are random workouts with every video i do i am looking to add workouts to your workouts, and give you that motivation you need to get up, get out, and get going. Challenge yourself to keep up. Let see if you can!

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