Good to be back! Join my on this brutal leg day! Here is the workout summary.. let me know how you go. Goodluck!

Walking barbell lunges: 4 Sets / 12 Reps
Leg press:: 4 Sets / 12 Reps
Squats: 4 Sets / 10- 12 Reps
Hack squat close stance: 4 Sets / 12 Reps
leg extensions 7 bottom movement, 7 top movement and 7 full movement= 21 reps / 4 sets

Standing calf press: 4 Sets / 10- 12 Reps
Calf leg press: 4 Sets / 10- 12 Reps
Seated calf press: 4 Sets / 10- 12 Reps

Thankyou so much if you made it to the end!!

I plan to upload WEEKLY varying from a wide range of different topics to keep everything interesting, fun and engaging for you all.

Do what you love.

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