2021 CrossFit Games Team Day 1 Leaderboard

1CROSSFIT MAYHEM4001st (43:49.35)100 pts1st (11:09.49)100 pts1st (CAP+1)100 pts1st (25:37.73)100 pts
2CROSSFIT PRO13792nd (45:25.21)97 pts6th (CAP)85 pts1st (CAP+1)100 pts2nd (25:45.31)97 pts
3CROSSFIT GENAS3409th (46:41.01)76 pts4th (11:37.11)91 pts1st (CAP+1)100 pts10th (CAP+10)73 pts
4CROSSFIT URBAN ENERGY3196th (46:12.48)85 pts3rd (11:12.51)94 pts4th (CAP+13)91 pts18th (CAP+16)49 pts
5CROSSFIT NORDIC30112th (47:23.44)67 pts14th (CAP+7)61 pts5th (CAP+16)88 pts6th (CAP+8)85 pts
6PLUS64 CROSSFIT28614th (47:34.11)61 pts5th (11:59.95)88 pts19th (CAP+43)46 pts4th (CAP+4)91 pts
7CROSSFIT AWASIDE2805th (46:11.78)88 pts16th (CAP+8)55 pts18th (CAP+39)49 pts5th (CAP+5)88 pts
8CROSSFIT SURBITON2773rd (45:42.68)94 pts10th (CAP+5)73 pts19th (CAP+43)46 pts13th (CAP+11)64 pts
9CROSSFIT OSLO25115th (47:44.64)58 pts6th (CAP)85 pts9th (CAP+23)76 pts25th (CAP+21)32 pts
10CROSSFIT RESURRECTION25016th (48:06.19)55 pts6th (CAP)85 pts19th (CAP+43)46 pts13th (CAP+11)

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